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ALL FISH FOR DOGS is a company set up to supply the dogs (and cats) of Australia with premium grade fish treats and chews.

We do this by sourcing the freshest and tastiest fish from the pristine waters of tropical North Queensland.  We manufacture our products using the fish that we catch ourselves,  as commercial fishers, or we obtain it from other professional fishers whom we know and trust to supply the best product available.

This premium fish is then processed by us in our factory at Mission Beach using state of the art dehydration equipment to ensure the finished product is bursting with all the goodness you come to expect from fish.  Because of the low temperature drying method we harness all the heath benefits from the Omega oils contained in the fish. 

These oils are well known to assist with allergies, create a beautiful gloss to your dogs coat and help support joint mobility.

Most of our fish meat is produced with the skin left on it as this is where a lot of the goodness and flavour is contained. Just look at what is served in all the top restaurants around Australia with such beautiful fish dishes as Crispy Skin Atlantic Salmon and Crispy Skin Barramundi. These top chefs know why they leave the skin on, and so will your pet.

Because we do all the processing, we can guarantee that there is nothing artificial and definitely no preservatives.

We take the extra care to insure that all bones are removed from our fish meat products.

We are also very mindfull of environmental issues and all fish used is caught under very regulated and well managed fisheries. It is caught using environmental sustainable practises and we endeavour to utilize as much of this resourse as possible as is evident in the products we produce.